The Semonkong Hospital Trust

                                     The Semonkong Hospital Trust            
A holistic, sustainable, community development programme

The Semonkong Hospital Trust envisages erecting and managing a unique, eco-friendly, financially self-sustainable 120-bed district-level training hospital, manned by optimal staff and with appropriate living quarters in Semonkong, Lesotho. Semonkong, famous for it's waterfall, is located in the central mountain-region of Lesotho (the 'Mountain Kingdom'), as small country with a population of just under 2 million people within Southern Africa and landlocked within South Africa.The hospital, to be developed in stages, will be staffed by dedicated, skilled health professionals and support staff.

The Trust sees this project as an opportunity to not only build a first-rate hospital in rural Lesotho but also to establish real, measurable and lasting socio-economic benefits to the surrounding communities. The aim is to demonstrate that the provision of health care goes beyond the building of a new facility and staff accommodation - it includes considerations of the overall welfare of the target population. To achieve this, the Trust envisions a combination of a high standard of healthcare delivery, agricultural and veterinary programmes, employment creation, training and development (skills transfer) and healthy economic growth, as well as an overarching impact strategy to be developed, applied, and monitored throughout the duration of the project and beyond.

The Semonkong Hospital Trust has now been in existence since 2006 and has built an enviable track record of sound financial governance and transparency, while conducting its business with discipline, integrity and full accountability. The Semonkong Hospital Trust is a Lesotho based Trust duly registered in the Deeds Registry and is overseen by a South African Trust - Verto Group (Registered in South Africa as a Public Benefit Organisation No. 930037868).

AMDG – Ad Maiorem Dei Gloriam

(‘To the greater glory of God’)

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