About Us

The Semonkong Hospital Trust was founded in 2006 as the Semonkong Hospital Project when a group of third year medical students, during an impromptu visit to Lesotho, ‘coincidentally’ discovered an abandoned hospital infrastructure in the mountains near Semonkong. They were instantly motivated in their hearts to attempt to resurrect the hospital which had been standing empty since 1995.

Various meetings were initiated with all the stakeholders to bring this vision to fruition. Meetings were held with, inter alia, the Government of the Kingdom of Lesotho, the local chiefs, the Semonkong Town Council and the community. This ultimately culminated in land being allocated, at no cost, adjacent to the airfield, where the planned new hospital will be constructed. This would replace the old, empty, dilapidated hospital structure. Land has also been allocated for the development of living quarters for the hospital staff.  Also, a Memorandum of Understanding between the Ministry of Health (Lesotho) and the Trust was signed in May, 2014. This Memorandum grants the Trust permission to develop the hospital and establishes the parameters of cooperation between the Ministry and the Trust.

While we are still in the preparatory phases of the Semonkong Hospital, outreach teams visit Semonkong regularly. Consequently, through the various engagements with the community over the years and the Trust's permanent volunteers based in Semonkong, a very good relationship has evolved between the Trust and the local community.

The Trust is privileged to have enlisted an experienced, world-class Management Team, Board of Trustees and Advisory Board.